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The mission of Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School is to ensure each student receives a quality education which promotes motivated, life-long achievers.  This will be implemented through the efforts of competent students,nurturing parents, an actively engaged community and a dedicated, highly qualified staff working together. This will establish a comprehensive network of support and a secure and orderly learning environment with high expectations
Ariel W. Holloway Elementary School opened in 1954 and was originally named Mayme Patrick School in honor of a former teacher, supervisor, and principal in the Mobile County Public School System.  The school closed in 1961 and reopened in 1962 as Stanton Road Elementary. In 1983, the school was renamed to honor Ariel W. Holloway, a noted supervisor and music instructor in the Mobile County Public School System.

At Holloway, we diligently strive to give each student a better chance in life through our commitment to excellence. We care enough to give our best to each student who comes our way.


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